Smelly Zarathustra


    The box is buried in the forest halfway down to the village.

    I wash in the stream and change into normal looking clothes.

    They have been stored in air-tight bags, and actually smell of detergent as I put them on.

    I don´t want to leave a moist towel in the box, so I am still damp.

    The cotton feels soft against my skin and reminds me to buy deodorant.

    Sweat smells bad when wearing cotton.


    I leave all my things in the box. Leather boots, woolen clothes, gore-tex, fishing gear and shotgun.

    I never keep food there.

    To distract curious animals, I have left some fish entrails by the stream.

    I feel light and unsteady as I ascend the hillside with only sneakers on.

    It´s about an hours walk to the train station.

    I check the inner pocket of my coat. The wallet and phone are where I left them.